Update of forms of electrical installations and gases fuels

Actualización de formularios de instalaciones eléctricas y gases combustibles

In May of the 2012 have modified the forms of electrical installations ELEC-1, Certified electrical installation of Low Tension, Certified electrical installation of Low Tension (fairs),Boletin of Recognition of electrical installation of Low Tension, as well as the Certificates of gases fuels GC-IRG1, GC-IRG2 and GC-IRG3 in new work.

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Update forms of electrical installations

They have modified some of the forms of electrical installations of tall and low tension, now in format pdf, facilitating in this way the cumplimentación of the data. The forms are the following:

•Model *AT. Application
•Certificate of electrical installation of Low tension
•Model *ELEC-1. Printed instance (Low tension)
•Model *ELEC-6 (Tall tension. Private installation)

They have deleted and assimilated to the ones of certificate and review of installation
Changes in the forms of gases fuels in new work

The forms *GC-*IRG1 new Work, *GC-*IRG2 new Work and *GC-*IRG3 new Work have been deleted place that did not contribute specific information with regard to the already existent of installation and review.

Therefore, to do the formalities of new work it is necessary to use the printed matter *GC-*IRG1, *GC-*IRG2 and *GC-*IRG3 of the section “ Certified of installation and review ”, that are the same of always and that for the time being have not modified .

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