ITES Technical inspections of the edifices, according to DECRET 187/2010

ITES inspecciones técnicas de los edificios, según DECRET 187/2010

Our office will make the visit and advice to make the ITE and has of industrial for the assessment of the reforms in case detect grave deficiencies or no grave. 

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It consists in a technical inspection to the whole of the real estate and back editorial of a report for the obtaining of a CERTIFICATE OF APTITUDE by the competent organism where can detect grave deficiencies or no grave that conditioned the obtaining of the certificate to his reparation.

Said certificate will be compulsory for the edifices with an upper antiquity to 45 years.

Terms of execution:

Anterior to 1930                                   until 31/12/2012
Among 1931-1950                                     until 31/12/2013
Among 1951/1960                                     until 31/12/2014
Among 1961-1970                                     until 31/12/2015
From 1971                                      to the 45 years of antiquity

It recommends begin with the formalities of the ITE a term of 2 years before the time limit in case that they exist deficiencies that have to amend .

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