New Instruction 9/2012, DGEMSI, to legalise existent electrical installations subjected to the regime of periodic inspection

Nueva Instrucción 9/2012, DGEMSI, para legalizar instalaciones eléctricas existentes sometidas al régimen de inspección periódica

If it is to title of an activity of bar, restaurant, parking of more than 25 cars, workshop of reparation of cars, industries of more than 100 kW, swimming pool, common services of edifices of more than 100 kW and needs the legalisation of the electrical installation the installation is of more than 15 years and does not have it.

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If it finds in the problem that it needs the legalisation of the electrical installation because it has been him required by the Local Administration, by the Sure or by some Official Organism and to do it ask him that it change all the installation adapting to the new regulation of the year 2002, consult to our ingenieria the form to make the minimum investment and achieve the set up of his installation if his installation has more than 15 years and always have been the same activity, aplicándo the new Instruction 9/2012, of 5 July, whereby establish the norms of application for the inspection of installations receptors of energia electrical already existent, subjected to the regime of periodic inspection.

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