OMEGA-3 begins the direction facultativa of the New Edifice Centre Municipal Merry View for l'Ajuntament of Castelldefels

OMEGA-3 empieza la dirección facultativa del Nuevo Edificio Centre Municipal Vista Alegre para l'Ajuntament de Castelldefels

Our ingenieria made the projects of execution of installations of electricity of low tension, voice and data, thermal and ventilation, and control of access in October of the 2017 of the Phase 3 of the "Centre Municipal of Merry View"
On 25 June 2018 they initiated the works and the term of execution will be of 43 weeks.

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The new edifice will have different uses including a space of storage for entities and groups of theatre in the basement, with own access
The past 25 June initiated the construction of the Municipal Centre Merry View, a new edifice in the solar of the street Mansió, 31-33, to receive entities and activities for adults and main people. With a surface built of 1.008,78 m2, the new edifice will remain attached to the wall of containment of existent earths.
The edifice will consist of low plant, two plants more and a basement.
The first plant will give access to the yard of the mulberries where finds the polyvalent room that situates where before was situated the gymnasium of the ancient school Dress Merry.
The second plant will give access to the level by means of stairs and an elevator until the already rehabilitated edifice of the street Pep Ventura. In opening schedule, this elevator in the edifice will allow to access, to the people with mobility reduced from Mansió until the top of Pep Ventura.
The new edifice of Mansió will have different uses including a space of storage for entities and groups of theatre in the basement, with own access.
It will form part of the remodeling of the Ancient School of Merry View will configure like a new apple of equipments with three edifices of use community partner, a polyvalent room and two sportive clues.

One of the main characteristics of the installations is the proposal of a geotermia for the climatización with radiant soil for heating, installation of photovoltaic plates, lighted up efficient energeticamente with sensors of luminosity and of presence for his lit, control of accesses and installation of a cover ladscaped.

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