OMEGA-3 this making the direction facultativa of the Phase 1 of the work of a new Civic Centre for the Ajuntament of Castelldefels

OMEGA-3 esta realizando la dirección facultativa de la Fase 1 de la obra de un nuevo Centro Cívico para el Ajuntament de Castelldefels

Our ingenieria made the projects of execution of activity, installations of electricity, climatización, special and fires in the year 2012. To finals of the year 2014 the work and installations was licitada by the Ajuntament of Castelldefels and awarded to the company Charges, Installations and Services S.To the Project of conditioning, for the adecuación of the Centre Civic "CANYARS-PLOBLEVELL" PHASE 1.
The works initiated in January and the term of execution will be of 2 months.

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The past Saturday 28 March inaguró the phase 1 of the Centre Cívic Canyars-Poble Vell. To the act of inaguración assisted the Mr. Manuel Kings, President-Mayor of l'Ajuntament of Castelldefels and by the engineering OMEGA-3 Gregorio Pérez in quality of director of execution of work in representation of Mª Carmen Gómez like director of the project and director of execution of installations. 

Façade in work 2
Party inaguración 28 March 2015
Render Municipal inner view
Inner zone reading
Inner zone library-wifi
Façade in work
Render Municipal view interior2
Dress installations interiores2
Dress inner installations
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