OMEGA-3 has ended up the reform of the installation of heating of the Escola Bow

OMEGA-3 ha terminado la reforma de la instalación de calefacción de la Escola Proa

Our ingenieria has participated in the projects of execution, in the phase of execution and the legalisation of the reform of the installation of heating of the ESCOLA BOW.
It has reformed the installation of heating that consistia in an obsolete boiler and with a low performance fed from a deposit of diesel to a system with boilers of condensation VAILLANT of tall energetic efficiency of natural gas, radiators RAYCO and a system of control domótico LOXONE.

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With the new system will achieve a tall energetic efficiency, with a minor consumption of energy and fewer emissions of CO2 to the atmosphere.

With the system of control allows to have of data of temperature as well as the level of carbon dioxide (CO2) of each one of the classrooms in real time.

The regulation of the temperature makes independently for each one of the spaces by means of a probe of temperature and of CO2 that comanda to each radiator opening or cerrándo the key according to the needs of the moment. And everything makes from the mobile through internet.

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